Start to Finish Plan

Our Start to Finish Plan is our most comprehensive plan where we start by understanding your website buying needs and risk profile and are there with you every step of the way until we've helped you close, migrate and begin successfully operating your online business. Unlike our other plans, our Start to Finish Plan is not to assess a single online business but rather, we assess as many businesses as needed to find the perfect fit for you. Below is a comprehensive list of all of the features included in our Start to Finish Plan:

  • Create a holistic profile based on your investing needs, risk appetite, and experience
  • (Optional) Source websites from brokers, marketplaces and our private deal flow network
  • Speak to the broker and seller to receive better insight into the business and industry and conduct preliminary due diligence post-LOI
  • Conduct thorough, live due diligence until we find the right one for you, which includes everything from our Live Verification Report
  • Negotiate fiercely on your behalf to get you the best price possible
  • Help you close and assist in migration of the business to you
  • Training and post-sale support until you can confidently operate the business
  • Live support with any other issues that may arise

Our Start to Finish Plan is suited for novice and experienced buyers who want to ensure they're getting the best website possible for their needs, as well as experienced buyers who prefer a more hands-off approach and would rather make a few, key decisions, instead of dealing with the cumbersome sourcing and due diligence process. With our Start to Finish Plan, you can be as hands on or hands off as you wish: Some of our clients prefer to be on every call and learn as much as they can along the way while others simply prefer receiving updates and making the final decision. Whatever works best for you, works best for us!

Pricing for our Start to Finish starts at $11,898 if you're looking to acquire a business under $300K and gradually increases from there. We strive for complete transparency with our pricing so you can always generate a quote instantly below:

As with all of our services, our Start to Finish Plan offers unlimited customer support so we'll be there to help and offer advice long after you've closed on your business. Plus, you get direct access to your dedicated Analyst & CPA via phone, chat and email so they're always just a call away! Once you're ready to move forward or if you have any questions regarding our services or buying online businesses in general, feel free to contact us and we'd love to chat!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Will you be providing deal flow?
    Absolutely, we have an optional add-on where we provide deal flow for you on a weekly basis. However, most of our clients prefer to provide deal flow themselves as it allows for lower pricing for the Start to Finish Plan and generally moves the process along faster.
    Q: Where do you source your deal flow?
    We obtain deal flow from the same public sources you would i.e. brokers, marketplaces, etc. We sometimes have limited, private deal flow for certain deal requirements but that's not common. This is why most of our clients choose to provide deal flow themselves as it results in lower pricing for the Start to Finish Plan and generally moves things along faster. After all, you know which deals you're interested in and we provide the most value with our feedback and due diligence.
    Q: How long does it normally take to find a deal and close?
    This varies on a deal by deal basis and depends on your search criteria, deal flow, your involvement and responsiveness, and so much more. Typically, though, we aim to close most deals within 2-3 months, though it can be a lot quicker or slower.
    Q: Does the Start to Finish Plan include a codebase review?
    Our Start to Finish Plan does not include a codebase review. However, if you're predominantly seeking to acquire a SaaS or software business, we'd be happy to put together a custom package that includes our Codebase & Tech Stack Analysis as part of the Start to Finish Plan for you.
    Q: What's the benefit of the Start to Finish Plan vs. a "one-off" service like the Live Verification Report?
    Typically, the Start to Finish Plan is most useful for first or second time buyers in the search phase. As a novice buyer, you'll likely go through quite a few deals before closing on one and thus, you'll benefit in the following ways:

    • You won't end up paying multiple times for our "one-off" services like the Live Verification Report, in the event we find something in due diligence that would recommend a stop of sale
    • You'll have someone to advise you and represent your best interests every step of the way, from pre-LOI, post-LOI, closing, migration, and even post-acquisition
    • A lot of novice buyers experience buyer's anxiety, which is completely normal, and we'll be there to help you make sense of the various deals and help you close on a deal that makes the most sense for you and your buying goals