Start to Finish Plan

Description :

Our Start to Finish Plan is our most comprehensive plan where we start by understanding your website buying needs and risk profile and are there with you every step of the way until we've helped you close, migrate and begin successfully operating your website. Unlike our other plans, our Start to Finish Plan is not to assess a single website but rather, we assess as many sites as needed to find the perfect fit for you. Below is a comprehensive list of all of the features included in our Start to Finish Plan:

  •   Create a holistic profile based on your website buying needs, risk appetite, experience, and more
  •   Source websites from various reputable brokers, marketplaces and our private deal flow network
  •   Speak to the broker and seller to receive better insight into the business and industry
  •   Conduct thorough diligence through our Official Assessment Report for an unlimited number of sites until we find the right one for you
  •   Conduct live diligence of financial and business information through our Live Verification Report for an unlimited number of sites until we find the right one for you
  •   Negotiate on your behalf to get you the best price possible
  •   Help you close and ensure you're ready for migration
  •   Assist in migration, training and post-sale setup so you can confidently operate the business once you take over completely
  •   Help you with any other issues that may arise

  • Live Verification with Seller
  •   Financial data including revenue, profit and costs
  •   Website traffic verification
  •   Technology stack and process verification
  •   Live verification of merchant accounts, affiliate accounts and other streams of revenue
  •   Domain ownership verification
  •   Existing supplier agreements
  •   Seller's background and reason for sale

  • Offline Verification
  •   Website Executive Summary
  •   Detailed Domain Information
  •   Domain Registration Restrictions
  •   Domain Ownership Transfer Test
  •   Business Age Verification Test
  •   Site Safety, Spam and Blacklist Checks
  •   Industry Risk Analysis
  •   Responsive Design Test
  •   Top Competitors
  •   Top Backlink Domains
  •   Seller Ownership (Potential Competition)
  •   Policy Checks
  •   Financial Tables, Graphs and Averages
  •   Growth Analysis
  •   Revenue Consistency Analysis
  •   Profit Consistency Analysis
  •   Revenue per Visitor
  •   Revenue per Mille
  •   Traffic Distribution Analysis
  •   Average Session Duration Analysis
  •   Backlink to Referring Domain Ratio Analysis
  •   Search Engine Penalty Test
  •   Additional Due Diligence Recommendations

Our Start to Finish Plan is suited for beginners who want to ensure they're getting the best website possible for their needs, as well as experienced buyers who prefer a more hands-off approach and would rather make a few, key decisions, instead of dealing with the cumbersome sourcing and due diligence process. With our Start to Finish Plan, you can be as hands on or hands off as you wish: Some of our clients prefer to be on every call and learn as much as they can along the way while others simply prefer receiving updates and making the final decision so whatever works best for you, works best for us!

As with all our services, our Start to Finish is supplemented with unlimited customer support. Plus, with our Start to Finish Plan, you get direct access to your dedicated Senior Analyst via phone, chat and email so they're always just a call away. If you're interested in learning more, please feel free to contact us or call us directly at (832) 535-5527.

Please note that our Start to Finish Plan starts at $2499 but can vary based on the type of site you're looking to purchase, your investment criteria, and more. We believe in the utmost transparency with our pricing so we're always happy to help you understand what drives the quote up or down. Plus, we do NOT charge a percentage (%) based on the final purchase price because that would de-incentivize us to negotiate on your behalf and get you the lowest price possible, which we really enjoy doing. If you're still unsure, or not quite ready, feel free to still give us a call for a FREE consultation and perhaps we can help you plan ahead!


Details :

  • Type: Start to Finish Plan

  • Price: $2499+

  • Live Verification:Yes

  • Support Included: Yes