Fractional CTO Services

$1840 / mo+
$1840 / mo+

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Our fractional CTO services are designed for business owners who value technology and software expertise but don't require a full-time CTO. This service caters to existing business owners already engaged full-time in operations or acquirers who have completed due diligence and are on the verge of closing their target acquisition.

General Overview

Provide the target acquisition with an experienced CTO to lead technical developments at the company and serve as a liaison between the CEO and the development team, ensuring your business’ continued success, technological advancement, and growth. Tailored to provide strategic technological guidance and leadership, bridging the gap between your day-to-day operations. Fractional CTOs bring extensive experience in assisting to leverage advanced technological solutions and innovations.


Our extensive experience at Rapid Diligence includes managing your software development team's flawless integration and ensuring that software operations transfer smoothly after closing. Our vetted CTO will lead your existing team and address any technical challenges that arise on a day-to-day basis. With our dedicated CTO in charge, you can rely on us to keep your software systems operating at their highest level at all times following the transition.

Our fractional CTO services and pricing are exclusively available to businesses we've assessed during due diligence. If we haven't evaluated your business, please contact us to discuss eligibility.

This service aims to provide the target acquisition with an experienced CTO who will lead the company's technical strategy. This professional will also act as a bridge between ownership and the Software/IT personnel, as well as other stakeholders involved in the business' day-to-day technological operations, ensuring a fractional CTO will be an invaluable asset for the business' ongoing success, technological advancement, and growth.

Once you're ready to move forward or if you have any questions regarding our services, feel free to contact us or book a free introductory consultation.
Everything included in our Fractional CTO Services

  • Technical Strategy: Develop and execute a technical strategy aligned with business objectives, emphasizing growth, innovation, and scalability.
  • Technical Planning: Review and guide development roadmaps and technical plans to support business goals and monitor progress.
  • Infrastructure Management: Oversee infrastructure planning and management to ensure scalability, reliability, and security of systems.
  • Technical Reporting: Present regular technical reports and analysis to stakeholders, offering insights and recommendations for improvement.
  • Risk Mitigation: Identify technical risks and implement strategies to mitigate them, safeguarding the company's technological assets and stability.
  • Optimization: Identify opportunities for technical optimization and efficiency improvement, implementing strategies to enhance development processes and reduce technical debt.
  • Process Enhancement: Evaluate and enhance technical systems and processes to streamline operations, improve development speed, and ensure code quality.
  • Team Leadership and Development: Provide leadership and guidance to the technical team, fostering collaboration, skill development, and a culture of innovation.
  • Strategic Technical Advice: Offer insights and recommendations on technology investments, tool selection, and architectural decisions to support long-term business objectives.
  • Resource Management: Assist in managing technical resources effectively, including vendor relationships, budget allocation, and talent acquisition if necessary.

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