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Online business deals that are currently under LOI and need a holistic assessment of the business. This can be utilized for traditional businesses as well.

General Overview

Our Live Verification Report offers a comprehensive and holistic assessment of your prospective acquisition. It includes thorough due diligence and risk analysis on all facets of the business, including operational, website traffic, technical, strategic, and financial. All financial due diligence is completed by our highly experienced team of M&A CPAs.

Live Verification Report Features

Our Live Verification Report offers a comprehensive and holistic assessment of your prospective acquisition, with a focus on online businesses. Our Live Verification Report includes thorough due diligence and risk analysis on all facets of the business, including operational, website traffic, technical, strategic, and financial. Financial due diligence for every deal is completed by our in-house team of highly experienced team of M&A CPAs.

Our Live Verification Report is designed for novice and experienced buyers who want to ensure the information they're being presented is entirely accurate and verified live by a professional third party with years of experience. We leave no stone unturned — from assessing the website's traffic, digging into the operational nuances, and thoroughly reviewing all financial statements — so you can move forward with your acquisition with complete peace of mind.

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As with all of our services, our Live Verification Report offers unlimited client support so we'll be there to help and offer advice long after we've delivered our finalized report to you. Plus, you get direct access to your dedicated Rapid Diligence Analyst via phone, chat and email so they're always just a call away. Once you're ready to move forward or if you have any questions regarding our services, feel free to contact us or book a free introductory consultation.
Live Verification

  • Review of all financial data including revenue, profit and costs by our M&A CPAs
  • Website traffic verification
  • Technology stack and process verification
  • Domain ownership verification
  • Review of supplier agreements
  • Seller's background and reason for sale

Offline Verification

  • Website Executive Summary
  • Detailed Domain Information
  • Domain Registration Restrictions
  • Domain Ownership Transfer Test
  • Business Age Verification Test
  • Site Safety, Spam and Blacklist Checks
  • Industry Risk Analysis
  • Responsive Design Test
  • Top Competitors
  • Top Backlink Domains
  • Seller Ownership (Potential Competition)
  • Policy Checks
  • Financial Tables, Graphs and Averages
  • Growth Analysis
  • Revenue Consistency Analysis
  • Profit Consistency Analysis
  • Revenue per Visitor
  • Revenue per Mille
  • Traffic Distribution Analysis
  • Average Session Duration Analysis
  • Backlink to Referring Domain Ratio Analysis
  • Search Engine Penalty Test
  • Additional Due Diligence Recommendations

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of online businesses are suited for the Live Verification Report?

Our Live Verification Report is suited for all online businesses, including eCommerce, SaaS, content, service, and FBA businesses. In some cases, it may be a great fit for traditional businesses as well.

What does the technical due diligence include?

For technical due diligence, we review the basics of the technology stack that the business is utilizing such as the shopping cart platform, etc. However, for SaaS and software businesses that require an assessment of custom built technology, including an actual codebase review, we recommend supplementing the Live Verification Report with our Codebase & Tech Stack Analysis.

Can I utilize a Live Verification Report for a traditional business?

While we can complete a Live Verification Report for offline businesses, it's generally geared toward online businesses. However, we recommend checking with your representative to understand if your offline or traditional business would be a good fit for the Live Verification Report. Alternatively, our Quality of Earnings Report is a great fit for traditional businesses.

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Live Verification Report

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