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Rapid Diligence was founded by a group of experienced acquisition entrepreneurs and M&A analysts. We’ve set out to provide world class due diligence and consulting services for small business buyers everywhere. We realize that buying an SMB may be a daunting process, from finding the right business to verifying the abundance of claims made, all while competing with other buyers to not let your dream business get away! That’s why we’re here to help.

Whether you’re a novice buyer or an experienced investor, our wide range of services can help you find the perfect small business for you, ensure its reliability and verify the claims made, thus mitigating a majority of the risk associated with a small business purchase. Whether it’s obvious problems or obscure issues, our experienced team of analysts has seen it all. With our combined experience, we’re confident your next acquisition will be your best one yet!

We strive to provide effective, data-driven due diligence services for each and every one of our customers. We strongly believe that buying a small businesses should not be limited to skilled, financial analysts and tech savvy investors. Our mission is for anyone interested in becoming an acquisition entrepreneur to be able to do so with complete ease and comfort and we’ve set out to make that happen!

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SMB acquisitions are tough because, well, you don’t know what you don’t know. With so many moving pieces and components to look into, the challenge is focusing on what’s relevant and ignoring what’s not.

That’s why we break down our due diligence into five, manageable components: Operational, Financial, Market, Strategic, and Technical. This allows us to focus on what’s important in each segment so we can break it down and make sense of it all.

Not sure if the business has really been around for ten years? Think there are costs the seller may not be disclosing? Site traffic look suspicious? We look into it all, without you even asking.

Our Services

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Quality of Earnings

Our highly experienced M&A CPAs conduct a comprehensive analysis of the the target acquisition’s financials and meticulously comb through every line item to ensure there are no discrepancies. This includes reconstructing the P&L.

Fractional CTO Services

$1840 / mo+
Seek the advice of an experienced Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to guide your company’s or acquisition target’s technical strategy, security and infrastructure practices, manage evolving technologies and your technology team and drive innovation.

Live Verification Report

A holistic assessment of the target acquisition with a focus on online businesses. Includes review of operational, website traffic, technical, strategic, and financial risks, as well as assessing growth opportunities.

Start to Finish Plan

Comprehensive offering aimed at novice online business buyers that are currently in the search phase. Includes helping with preliminary vetting of businesses, deal structuring, negotiations, assisting with the LOI submission, and post-LOI due diligence.

QoE “Lite”

Our highly experienced M&A CPAs conduct a comprehensive analysis of the the target acquisition’s financials and meticulously comb through every line item to ensure there are no discrepancies. More affordable but just as comprehensive.

Ad Hoc Consulting Services

$300+ / hr.
A holistic and bespoke hourly consulting solution for when none of our ‘out of the box’ options are quite what you need. This includes LOI reviews, financial diligence, and an a la carte offering.

Codebase & Tech Stack Analysis

A comprehensive analysis of the codebase and technology stack for any software. This includes a review of the codebase, as well as the surrounding development and testing processes.

Financial Modeling Service

Robust financial model created by our highly experienced M&A CPAs using the target’s historical financials and projection. Includes business valuation by DCF and key investment calculations to help support your business plan or investment decision.

Fractional CFO Services

$1840 / mo+
Have an experienced Chief Financial Officer (CFO) lead financial strategy, oversee cash flows and risks, lead finance teams, optimize and implement financial strategies, and promote growth and financial success for your current business or target.

Preliminary Vetting Report

A high-level and preliminary review of the target acquisition with a focus on pre-LOI diligence. Includes review of high-level operational risks, website traffic, strategic, and financial risks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! We’ve done numerous deals involving traditional SMB acquisitions, including but not limited to manufacturing companies, car washes, restaurant franchises, health spas, and more. We have more options available for online businesses but have both the capacity and experience to work on traditional businesses. In fact, we’ve now worked on more traditional deals than online!

For online businesses, we cover everything from operational, technical, financial, and more. We don’t cover legal in-house but for US-based clients, we have partnered with a law firm that specializes in SMB acquisitions. This allows us to work in tandem with the legal team during the due diligence process.

For traditional SMB acquisitions, this varies deal by deal. Depending on our team’s experience with that particular industry or sector, we may be able to provide one or more of our due diligence offerings. When we can’t help with something, we’ll simply tell you so. No beating around the bush.

We try to keep our out of the box offerings as simple as possible to create a streamlined and seamless experience for clients. However, we often do offer “ad hoc consulting” for services not explicitly listed. If you have something in mind, feel free to contact us or book a free intro consultation and we’d be happy to chat more about it!

Free access to all the deal data we've collected:

After assessing countless deals, we’ve gained exclusive insight into what buyers are actually paying for businesses, not simply what sellers are asking.

Does longevity of a business affect its valuation more than growth? What’s the primary difference between an eCommerce business that sells at 3x vs. 7x EBIDTA?

We have the answers and the data to back it up. And we’re willing to share it. 😏