QoE “Lite”

Our highly experienced M&A CPAs conduct a thorough analysis of the the target acquisition’s financials. A more affordable and less comprehensive financial diligence option for smaller businesses with straightforward financials.

Quality of Earnings

Our highly experienced M&A CPAs conduct a comprehensive analysis of the the target acquisition’s financials and meticulously comb through every line item to ensure there are no discrepancies. This includes reconstructing the P&L.

Start to Finish Plan

Comprehensive offering aimed at novice online business buyers that are currently in the search phase. Includes helping with preliminary vetting of businesses, deal structuring, negotiations, assisting with the LOI submission, and post-LOI due diligence.

Live Verification Report

Our “flagship” report. A holistic assessment of the target acquisition with a focus on online businesses. Includes review of operational, website traffic, technical, strategic, and financial risks, as well as assessing growth opportunities.

Free access to all the deal data we've collected:

After assessing countless deals, we’ve gained exclusive insight into what buyers are actually paying for businesses, not simply what sellers are asking.

Does longevity of a business affect its valuation more than growth? What’s the primary difference between an eCommerce business that sells at 3x vs. 7x EBIDTA?

We have the answers and the data to back it up. And we’re willing to share it. 😏