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So, after a lot of research and perhaps some soul searching, you’ve decided to buy an online business. The first thing you need is deal flow and you have a few options to go about this: You can either use a broker or marketplace that specializes in online businesses or simply source the deals privately yourself. While there are pros and cons to both, most buyers tend to go in the broker direction — at least for their first few deals — as it allows you to assess more deals and provides better stucture and support.

Naturally, the question arises, which broker should you choose? Well, there are a ton of options and the right one for you typically depends on the type of online businesses you’re after, your budget, preferred communication styles, and so much more. As a way to help you make the right decision, we’ve decided to interview as many online brokerages as possible to help you make the right decision as part of our Online Brokerage and Marketplace Review series.

We’ll continue updating this post as we hear back from more:

NameTypes of BusinessesPrice RangeVetting ProcessFull Review
Empire FlippersWide variety including eCommerce, content, SaaS, etc. Industry leaders in content, Amazon FBA, and KDP.As low as $40K all the way to $10M+Extensive vetting process. They reject 92% of businesses. Vetting takes 2-8 weeks.Read Here
Quiet Light Brokerage

SaaS, eCommerce, FBA, content, and everything in between.From $250K to $100M+P&L and financial statement review, in-depth Q&A, and overall thorough vettingRead Here
MicroAcquireSaaS, eCommerce< $10K to $100M+The business itself, website traffic, financials, and seller’s backgroundRead Here

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