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As part of our ongoing series of reviewing online brokerages and marketplaces, we chatted with Andrew Gazdecki, CEO of MicroAcquire, and asked him about all about MicroAcquire, including their origin story, the businesses they sell, their vetting process, and more. Here’s the breakdown:

Q: What’s the story with MicroAcquire? How’d you guys get started?

Andrew: The seed of MicroAcquire sprouted after my first serious exit in 2017. I remember wondering why the acquisition process was so long and complicated. There was too much friction and inefficiency and not enough support for founders. We launched MicroAcquire to consolidate the market and help more startups get acquired.

Q: What type of web businesses do you specialize in?

Andrew: We exclusively list profitable, revenue-generating SaaS and eCommerce businesses. We only approve startups for listing if they generate revenue (pre-revenue startups aren’t permitted). We support startups of all sizes.

We only approve startups for listing if they generate revenue…We support startups of all sizes.

Andrew Gazdecki

Q: What type of financing options are available to buyers?

Andrew: Buyers are free to negotiate any financing they wish so long as they agree to it in advance with the seller. Buyers can also take advantage of Pipe or Clearco revenue-based financing for the acquisition of SaaS and ecommerce startups. We also recently partnered with AngelList where buyers can raise acquisition funding via an SPV.

Q: What kind of vetting do you guys do for businesses you list?

Andrew: Vetting involves checking if the site is genuine, verifying posted financial metrics, helping the founder value their business properly, ensuring founders have completed their profile (and validating answers), and removing controversial industries (gambling startups, for example, aren’t permitted on MicroAcquire). Startups listed on MicroAcquire are able to connect their true financial metrics via our integrations with Stripe, Profitwell, Baremetrics, and Chartmogul as well as search traffic with Google Analytics.

Q: Anything unique about MicroAcquire that most other online business brokers don’t have?

Andrew: Yes! We are the first startup marketplace to include an M&A Advisor Directory with over 50 approved advisors specialized in everything from legal to due diligence. We’ve also recently launched a free data driven startup valuation calculator and analytics tool that provides insight and valuations about startups based on real-time Stripe metrics. Most importantly, selling your business on MicroAcquire is entirely free and we do not charge a fee or commission when acquired to startup founders.

Selling your business on MicroAcquire is entirely free and we do not charge a fee or commission…

Andrew Gazdecki

Q: Any cool stats about your MicroAcquire you’d like to share?

Mark: MicroAcquire is the #1 startup acquisition marketplace, with over 100,000 trusted buyers and sellers on the platform. We currently list over $1 billion in combined revenue, across 1,000s of vetted, profitable startups, with an average acquisition size of around $500,000 (rising every month). Buy-side participants include family offices, private equity, high net worth individuals, as well as companies looking for a strategic fit to bring in. Notable customers include OpenStore, Tiny Capital, Saltwater, Hootsuite, Hubspot, and Shopify. Overall, MicroAcquire has facilitated 500+ closed acquisitions, for an average deal value of $485,701, exceeding totaling $100M+ in exit value through the platform.

Q: What’s the best way for buyers or sellers to reach you if they’re interested in learning more?

Andrew: Here are a few resources:

You can learn more about MicroAcquire here. Register as a buyer or seller on MicroAcquire here. Learn how MicroAcquire works in this two minute video. Read free startup acquisition resources here.

Q: Really appreciate you taking the time out, Andrew. Anything else you’d like to add?

Andrew: MicroAcquire’s mission is to bring the startup acquisition market together, with trust, transparency, and ease of use. Our goal is to build the world’s most founder-friendly startup acquisition marketplace.

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