I have worked with Rapid Diligence on a couple of projects. Here is why I’m giving a 5-star review: Ahmed is a first-class person! Honest, high character, easy to communicate with and a genuinely enjoyable guy to interact with and work together with. The Rapid Diligence team has loads of experience analyzing digital assets/businesses. They know what to look for and how to find the “ghosts in the closets”. Ahmed is patient and a steady influence through the sometimes stressful and time intensive process of business acquisition.

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After assessing countless deals, we’ve gained exclusive insight into what buyers are actually paying for businesses, not simply what sellers are asking.

Does longevity of a business affect its valuation more than growth? What’s the primary difference between an eCommerce business that sells at 3x vs. 7x EBIDTA?

We have the answers and the data to back it up. And we’re willing to share it. 😏