Our free introductory consultation is the perfect way for prospective clients to get a better understanding of our processes and services. It also allows us to understand your needs better and see where we can provide the most value for you.

The best way to view the intro consultation would be a conversation where we chat about where you are in your search/acquisition journey and where you feel you could use some help or guidance.

You won’t be asked to buy anything on the call. There are no “limited time offers” or anything like that. We understand that choosing a due diligence provider is a vital decision so beyond anything, we want to ensure we’re the right partner for you.

Whenever you feel you could benefit from a due diligence partner. We offer services that range all the way from pre-LOI to post-acquisition.

Generally, most clients looking for our “one-off” services will generally book a call when they’re close to an LOI or as soon as one has been executed.

We’re big believers in pricing transparency so you can always generate a quote online using our custom Quote Calculator.

Absolutely! We recommend following up with your Rapid Diligence sales specialist and booking a follow up call directly with them.

This ensures they have all the context they need to help you navigate next steps.

You’re welcome to still have a chat with us if you feel there would be a potential opportunity for us to work together in the future. Otherwise, please cancel your call via the confirmation link that was sent to you when you initially booked your call.

Nope! We’ve done numerous deals involving traditional SMB acquisitions, including but not limited to manufacturing companies, car washes, restaurant franchises, health spas, and more. We have more options available for online businesses but have both the capacity and experience to work on traditional businesses.

We try to keep our “off the shelf” offerings as simple as possible to create a streamlined and seamless experience for clients. However, we often do offer “ad hoc consulting” for services not explicitly listed. Your Rapid Diligence sales specialist would be more than happy to discuss this with you during your intro consultation.

Free access to all the deal data we've collected:

After assessing countless deals, we’ve gained exclusive insight into what buyers are actually paying for businesses, not simply what sellers are asking.

Does longevity of a business affect its valuation more than growth? What’s the primary difference between an eCommerce business that sells at 3x vs. 7x EBIDTA?

We have the answers and the data to back it up. And we’re willing to share it. 😏