7 Financial Metrics to Consider When Buying a Small Business

When buying a small business, it’s important to review the financials to ensure that the business is profitable and financially stable. Here are some of the most important financial metrics to consider: Revenue Revenue is the total amount of money the business has generated over a specific period of time. It’s important to review revenue […]

A Complete Breakdown of a Quality of Earnings Report

After an exciting and exhausting search process, you’ve finally found a business that checks all your boxes and you’re excited to move forward to the next steps: Signing an LOI and conducting due diligence. Well, now’s the time to do a mini hoorah to celebrate this milestone and hunker down for the rest of the […]

5 Technical Questions to Ask When Buying a SaaS Business

SaaS (“Software as a Service”) is currently one of the most coveted business models today and in general, SaaS businesses tend to face greater competition amongst buyers and often go for higher multiples, and for good reason. After all, good SaaS businesses utilize economies of scale incredibly well, have very low overhead, and build their […]

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