affiliate partnership program

Our Affiliate Partnership Program allows brokers, complimentary service providers, and others in the SMB M&A world to earn a healthy commission from any introductions made to Rapid Diligence that result in a transaction. 

Please see details below about the Affiliate Partnership Program below:

strong commission structure

For every referral you make, you receive a 10% commission when we successfully convert your referral's first transaction with us. Our base pricing for most packages starts at $5,900. Thus, your minimum commission for a sale would be $590. There are a few exceptions to this rules. There are no commission caps or limits to the number of people you can refer.

Discounts for YOUR REFERRALS

Your referral will receive $250 off their first transaction with us. All they need to do is mention you. Please note that discounts only apply when you are the source of referral at initial contact.

multiple ways to refer

You may refer clients through email, LinkedIn, or any other medium that may be tracked. You may also simply ask clients to mention your name when they email us or book an introductory consultation to receive the $250 discount, which will allow us to track the sale back to you.

Qualifying Referrals

Any referrals must be first-time referrals, whom we have not worked or connected with in the past, to qualify for the commission. For example, if we have connected with a referral in the past — regardless of whether a deal was closed — via a different medium who is now working with you, that would not qualify for a referral and the client would not qualify for a discount.

Easy Email Intros

When making an email introduction, please direct the email to and CC or BCC for tracking. While this is not required and we will still be able to trace the sale back to you, it makes the process quicker and seamless.

Referral Payouts

We will pay out all referral commissions by the end of the month in which the transaction was closed.

Interested in becoming a Rapid Diligence affiliate? Simply contact us and we’d be happy to have a chat!

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